WW: Alcohol Awareness

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WW: Alcohol Awareness

This week is National Alcohol Awareness Week, so as part of Wellbeing Wednesday we are highlighting a range of related services and support available to residents in Warwickshire

This week is National Alcohol Awareness Week 2018 #AAW18. The week is spearheaded by the new national charity Alcohol Change UK, which launches today, formed from the merger of Alcohol Concern and Alcohol Research UK.

It can be difficult to know how much is too much when drinking. We are supporting the  Public Health England ‘Drink Free Days’ campaign, encouraging everyone to think about how they could cut back on their units each week. Find out more at https://drinkfreedays.co.uk/.

In Warwickshire, a variety of services are available to those in need of support to deal with reliance on alcohol and/or drugs. Following an extensive countywide consultation and engagement, service redesign and re-commissioning process, WCC launched Pathways earlier this year.

Warwickshire Pathways is commissioned by WCC and delivered by specialist providers. The service is delivered in the following ways:

  • Children and Young Persons’ Drug and Alcohol Service includes an 18-25 years transition service– Provided by Compass.
  • Adult Drug and Alcohol Service includes an 18-25 years transition service – Provided by Change Grow Live. (CGL)
  • All Age Recovery and Well Being Network – Provided by Change Grow Live. (CGL)

Additionally, Warwickshire now has its own local, community-based drug and alcohol rehabilitation service in the south of the county. The development was supported by a Public Health England Grant and WCC, and is led by one of our existing providers, Experience, Strength and Hope (ESH).

Please visit warwickshire.gov.uk/drugsandalcohol for more information on support services available to Warwickshire residents, including videos of those with lived experience of the services. If you would like to know more about Warwickshire Pathways please contact katewoolley@warwickshire.gov.uk

The workplacewellness website has useful information and facts on the impact of alcohol, such as; “How much is too much?” and “Tips to reduce”. Log in and look at MyWellbeing/Alcohol https://i.warwickshire.gov.uk/content/workplace-wellness-employee-assistance-programme/workplace-wellness-employee-assistance

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