Out of hospital for Christmas

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Out of hospital for Christmas

A campaign has been launched to raise awareness among health and social care staff of the initiatives and support available to help discharge patients safely out of hospital before Christmas, and help ensure that care home residents don’t end up in hospital over the festive period.

The ‘Out of hospital for Christmas’ campaign has been developed by Warwickshire County Council, as part of our ‘Warwickshire Cares’ Better Care Fund work, specifically for this time of year when ‘Winter pressures’ mean that all health and social care partners need to focus on working together to make sure that people in Warwickshire are getting the right support, at the right time and in the right place.

The campaign raises awareness of initiatives such as Warwickshire’s Care Homes Trusted Assessors, who can help hospital discharge teams and care home providers make sure that patients are safely discharged from hospital with the right care.

Other support highlighted by the campaign includes the EMS + Bed Availability Tool, which is now being used in Warwickshire to help find hospital patients a suitable care home place quickly, and the Hospital to Home service from Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service, which is there to help A&E patients who are medically fit to go home but need transport and help to settle in.

The campaign also reminds care home providers of the NHS ‘dial 111 and press 6’ service, which enables care home staff to speak to a healthcare professional if they are unsure about what to do for an unwell care home resident, and reminds care home providers to make sure their residents have received their flu vaccinations.

To see the campaign messages in full and get more information about the initiatives, visit www.bettertogetherwarwickshire.org/winterpressures.   

The campaign for health and social care staff is running alongside a social media campaign aimed at the public, ‘Stay at home for Christmas’, which features a number of preventative health messages to encourage self-help and avoid a hospital stay, with signposting to the NHS ‘Stay Well’ website.

This includes messages about staying warm, checking repeat prescriptions, finishing courses of antibiotics, getting timely advice from pharmacists, getting online self-care advice, receiving flu jabs, eating well and keeping hydrated.



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