Strategies and policies

​The Learning Disability Statement of Intent (Strategy) 2015 - 2020 was approved at Cabinet on Thursday 16 July 2015. The Delivery Plan will be monitored by the Learning Disability Partnership Board.

What's the new Learning Disability Plan about?

We want to improve the lives of people with a learning disability. We will do this by supporting people to be more independent, have healthier lives and have more choice and control. People told us they wanted a plan that would have a positive impact on their way of life, one that was realistic, could be easily understood and be measured. We all have different aspects to our life that contribute to having a happy and fulfilled life. We have tried to write our plan to reflect this. There are five key areas in the plan:

  • My Home Life - People with learning disabilities have a home of their own. A safe and secure place where their needs can be met by skilled support staff when needed. People with learning disabilities want to have more independence.
  • My Work Life - People with a learning disability want job opportunities, and to be able to make a valued contribution to the local work force either through paid employment, voluntary work or work experience. People with a learning disability want to engage in meaningful day time activities.
  • My Family Life - We want to support carers and make sure they have fulfilled lives.
  • My Lifestyle - We want people with a learning disability to be well and healthy. We want people with a learning disability to have equal access to health care and health promotion services and to receive reasonable adjustments to achieve this.
  • My Social Life - People with a learning disability have told us that they want to make friends and have relationships.

Learning Disability (LD) annual report 2017