Newly qualified teachers

Introduction to induction

All teachers in maintained schools (with certain exceptions) must satisfactorily complete an induction period in accordance with statutory regulations in order to be employed as a teacher in a relevant school in England. In Warwickshire we welcome around 300 NQTs to the county each year. NQTs must be registered with an Appropriate Body before they start. Warwickshire is the Appropriate Body for the following which are maintained by Warwickshire Local Authority:

  • Community, foundation or voluntary schools
  • Community or foundation special schools
  • Maintained and non-maintained nursery schools or children’s centres
  • Non-maintained special schools.

In addition, we are happy to act as Appropriate Body for the following which are located within the Warwickshire “footprint”. For details of charges please contact Hilary Honess.

  • Academies, free schools other independent schools including
  • Independent nursery schools
  • FE institutions (including 6th form colleges).

NQT registration process

Warwickshire County Council use an online system to manage the registration and induction process of all NQT's who start in the new academic year. This is a paperless system and makes the NQT Induction process more efficient, Schools also have access to their own assessments at any time. The NQT Manager system is an online database system which is accessed through any computer that is connected to the internet. As part of the set up process to begin with, the NQT induction Co-ordinator (Tutor) should go to the site login and register. The Warwickshire site is There is an area on the right hi-lighted in yellow which says 'Register as an Induction Coordinator', click on this and it will take you to a registration page for you to complete. Once this is done an automated email will be forwarded to Hilary Honess or one of her colleagues to approve. You will then receive a notification that you can now use the system and other users can be added. There are various user groups. Each user group has a set of rules and permissions that determine what data they can view and which operations they can perform. The user groups are as follows:

  • Headteachers - full access to all your schools tutors and NQTs
  • Induction Co-ordinators (Tutor) - full access to all your schools tutors and NQTs
  • Tutors (Mentor) - only have access to the NQT(s) they are mentoring
  • NQTs - only have access to their own information and the ability to complete the 'NQT Comments' field on the assessment form
  • School Administrators - registering NQTs only

If you would like to engage Warwickshire LA as an Appropriate Body for your school for the academic year 2016-2017 or have any queries, please email Those schools that have assessments to complete by the end of term, please continue to process in the usual way. By choosing Warwickshire as your Appropriate Body, you are eligible to attend a programme of training free of charge. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) events are run on behalf of the Local Authority by The Griffin School Teaching Alliance with Lawrence Sheriff School at its heart and supported by Avon Valley School and Performing Arts College, Brooke School, Clifton Primary School, Knightlow C. of E. Primary School, Myton School, North Leamington School, Nicholas Chamberlaine, Paddox Primary School, The Polesworth School, and Southam College. Sessions take place throughout the year in a variety of locations around the county.

More information can be found online. You can also follow on twitter : @NQTWarwickshire Do you have a question or query to be answered? Contact us.