Dignity at work

Bullying is a concept that many of us associate with a school environment, and is not something we expect to experience as adults when we go to work. Sadly bullying and harassment, whilst not common, does occur, and the Council is firmly committed to creating an environment which promotes dignity and respect, and one where bullying and harassment is not tolerated.

Bullying or harassment can occur for a number of reasons, sometimes through cultural differences, discriminatory comments, such as homophobic insults, inappropriate jokes or ‘banter’, or at times through malicious intent. For a member of staff at the receiving end it can be upsetting, demoralising, and holds them back from fulfilling their full potential. The Council is therefore committed to taking any reports seriously, and listening to the concerns of staff involved.

As part of the Council’s approach to tackling bullying and harassment, staff can get in touch with a dignity at work contact for advice:

Dignity at work reporting form.

Alternatively, staff can contact a Dignity at Work contact independently, please see this poster for a list of the Dignity at Work contacts available.

Dignity at work - poster (PDF, 8.11 MB).

Dignity at work policy and procedure (PDF, 71.09 KB)