Cycle to Work day - Wednesday 13th September 2017

Wednesday 13th September was Cycle to Work Day and Ranjit, who works for Warwickshire County Council, was one of many people who decided to leave the car at home and get out his bike. The same bike that had been hidden away, waiting for its chance to travel the Warwickshire highways and byways again.

Ranjit said “My bike was locked away in my garage for almost 4 years! Cycle to Work Day rekindled my love for cycling and I have been riding in since. I feel fitter, happier and less stressed as I'm not having to look for parking in Cape Road."

His question to himself was “can I keep it up?” but he decided only time would tell but he would keep on with the peddle power.

Fast forward to now and Ranjit and his trusty bike are still cycling in to work together, and he did indeed keep it up, with Ranjit estimating he currently cycles in on 60% of his journeys now.

“My aim is to increase cycling from 80% by the end of the year and then aim for 100% in the start of 2018”.

A great result of starting to make a small change and feeling the difference, although like all things Ranjit is philosophical that at times he may need to use the car on odd days, but this doesn’t mean he will stop cycling for most of his journeys.

Ranjit has made a really positive change from a small start; hopefully he has inspired you to start to make a small change too.


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