Conduct and capability


It is important that everyone understands the relationship between themselves, their managers, colleagues, those who they manage or supervise, councillors and, most importantly, the public who we serve.

As an employee, you should be aware of the commitments that the County Council makes to you in terms of equality of opportunity, training and development, health and safety and conditions of employment. Equally, it is important that you understand the standards that the County Council expects of you. Standards are laid down for your protection and that of the public we serve. Not upholding the standards could result in disciplinary action and or prosecution.

As a Manager, you have a particular responsibility to ensure that you have brought these standards to the attention of your team members and that they are also aware of any rules or expectations that are specific to their job. You should do so in writing and ensure that employees acknowledge receipt of these.Employer and Employee Responsibilities Code (docx, 37 Kb)

If you are a member of staff who has raised concerns about the conduct of another member of staff, guidance is available here as to what you can expect in terms of the outcome.

Confidentiality and outcome of management processes (DOCX, 41.32 KB)